HSA/FSA-eligible with Truemed

WOD 08.11.22

Warm Up:

Old man

Running Drills


100m Run

“Two Truths and a Lie”

Pick one. The following week you’ll pick another. Don’t avoid any one movement, you’ll have to do it eventually

200m Run 1 min RestX4400m Run2 min RestX3800m Run3 min Restx2500m Bike Erg1 min RestX41000m Bike Erg2 min RestX32500m Bike Erg3 min Restx2250m Row 1 min RestX4500m Row2 min RestX31000m Row3 min Restx2


5×3 OH Press

7×3 Weighted Pull ups


Plate Curls+OH Tricep Ext