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CrossFit 8 Mile Open 20.1


Feels like we just did The Open……Oh yeah we did, but to get your “Body Movin” for the kick off workout of the 2020 Open we have a simple couplet. Two movements that are “Sure Shot”s to prove that you have to “Fight For Your Right” to be the Fittest at 8 Mile. Tonight we present to you “The Beastie Boys Brawl”!!!!

We have some veteran CrossFitters going at it tonight for 20.1. They’ll be jumping over that bar the first couple rounds like “Brass Monkeys”. The ground to overhead gives some leeway for athlete discretion on clean & jerks or snatches. Athletes can easily “Sabotage” themselves by going out way too hot. Shane “Speedy Gonzalez” Miller will represent the WOD Assassins. Eric “Prince Charming” Pelot will be representing the Sled Dogs. While Zach “Teen Wolf” will be piloting Team Top Gun in tonight’s HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN!!!!