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For Legends & Youths.

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CrossFit is infinitely scaleable. With that being said, being able to train and exercise with others with the same goals and same concerns proves to be much more successful for members.


Legends class is specifically designed and programmed for the older population. Our physical needs change as we age. With relative intensities and programming focusing on range of motion and muscle mass, you can enjoy fitness again with peers that have the same goals as you!

Legends is offered Tuesday and Thursday at 7am.

Kids Class

We run our kids classes in 6 week blocks through out the year. We offer our younger group from ages 3-5 years old. This group meets Sundays at 9am. Our older group is from ages 6-11 years old meeting Sunday at 11:30am.

These kids will learn and develop physical skills such as balance, coordination, strength, and speed all through play and fun.


Legends Individual: $115/month
Legends Couple: $200/month

Kids Class:
$110 per 6 weeks.
*Discount for additional siblings.
*CrossFit Kids runs in 6 week blocks

Other Applicable Memberships

Our other CrossFit members include Legends as one of your weekly attendances. If you're looking for more than twice a week, our higher offering membership include access to Legends class.

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