Ninja Recognition:Valerie Dado

Why Val? 

What we do is hard. CrossFit is hard. Losing weight is hard. Making proper food choices is hard. Committing day after day for years is hard! But that’s exactly what Valerie has done. She came to point in her life where she decided the status quo of her life was no longer acceptable. She took her life and her future into her own hands and made a change. Valerie has lost 136 POUNDS!! She deserves all the credit. It doesn’t matter how good a coach is. It doesn’t matter how potent the training regime is if the athlete doesn’t decide and fully commit to the process. Coaches can only help those who want help and want to help themselves. Val has earned this recognition without a shadow of a doubt!

Val’s Story? 

I got started with CrossFit back in 2017. I spent most of my time at Lifetime working out on my own or with a personal trainer! It wasn’t until one of my trainers introduced me to olympic lifting. My nutrition coach at the time introduced me to a CrossFit gym and I left Lifetime to start there. I started loving the ability to workout with other people, lifting heavy, learning new lifts and being part of a community that believes in everyone no matter shape and size! 

Why I continue to do CrossFit? 

My journey is one I will always be looking back on! After I had surgery in 2019, I joined CrossFit 8 Mile. I remember emailing Nick with every question I can think of . The first day I walked into the gym just to talk about things, was probably the day I said well I’m here to stay.  I remember my first day of classes, I had so many personal restrictions. I didn’t have to say a word about anything!  Each coach knew what was going on and the game plan going forward. This is the reason I do CrossFit, I have never had a group of people, coaches, friends and family who have supported me and pushed me harder than this community. I finally started loving things I hated! 

Favorite Movements

Rowing,  Deadlifts, & any type of squats! 

Least Favorite Movements 

Snatches & Ski Erg


My mind set is currently on setting short term goals. Running without hating it, lowering my one mile times, maybe, possibly getting a double under and lifting heavy again!! I may not be the best at everything (I mean who is) but I will be the best that I can be! Change doesn’t happen overnight.