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Ninja Recognition: Jason Kurscak

Why Jason?

Jason Kurscak embodies what we want new members to see when they walk into our facility. He works hard. He encourages everybody in class. He’s very coachable. He likes to joke and have a good time and treats everyone the same regardless of age, fitness level, gender, and the list goes on. He even went outside his comfort zone to do the in-house weightlifting meet back in December.

Jason’s CrossFit Story: 

I was always intrigued by CrossFit and just wasn’t sure if it was something for me. The fear of failure or not being good at something made me hesitant. I went to a class when I was visiting my brother in Charlotte and realized that there wasn’t anything to be worried about. I decided to join a gym and I am kicking myself for not joining sooner. 

Why do you continue to do CrossFit

 The connections and friendships I have made. 

Favorite Movements

  •  Heavy barbells. 
  • Grunt work

Least favorite movements

  •  Running


  • Run a 6 minute mile
  • Have more self confidence 
  • For OSU to beat Michigan next year
Snatches at 2022 In-House Meet