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Ninja Recognition: Erin O’Dowd

Why Erin?

Erin started shy and reserved and would only come when her friend would come and would only do the metcon classes. Finally she started feeling comfortable and confident and started normal CrossFit classes. She’d come on her own even if her friend decided to dodge burpees in that day’s workout.

Erin never complains, shows up consistently and puts in the work! Erin is infinitely open to coaching and willing to get outside her comfort zone. So much that she participated in our 2021 In-House Olympic Weightlifting meet! Way to go Erin, keep up the great work.

Consistent efforts for change makes results!!

Erin’s CrossFit Story:

I started crossfit during the ending of lockdown. I was looking for a new gym to go to get into shape. I had gone to a lot of different gyms but was always intimidated by crossfit when my friend, Danielle, suggested giving it a try. My first week I was so sore I could barely move my arms but I liked how the classes challenged me and now you can’t keep me away from any of the classes!

Why She Continues to do CrossFit:

It is truly a great environment. I’ve met so many of the kindest, most welcoming friends through CrossFit 8 Mile. When we workout, we are all in it together, cheering each other on and motivating one another. I’ve tried so many gyms but none of them have come close to the CrossFit 8 mile family. 

Also, the workouts themselves are always different and keep you pushing your progress. I’ve done movements and weights I never thought I’d be able to do and am in the best shape I’ve ever been, all thanks to this program!

Favorite movements:Box jumps, Dball to shoulder & wall walks

Least favorite movements: The snatch, Handstand pushups & woman makersGoals: I’d love to be able to do a strict pull up, toes to bar and work on the snatch!