CrossFit Open 19.2: Vicious Vixens

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CrossFit Open 19.2

“Vicious Vixens”

Sponsored By: Ascent Protein

          Week one has come and gone along with a lot of smack talk from every corner. This week brings back an Open repeat workout but with new athletes. With these new athletes there’s no trash talking, no boasting, but humility and honor just to be picked to represent their teams in our weekly showdown.

          Nineteen point two brings a tiered ability workout. This first and foremost is a toes to bar workout. Assuming these athletes have decent toes to bar the next will be ability to maintain good sets of double unders. Now assuming you have passed “Go” and collected your $200, the question will be do you still have the strength in a dynamic movement to keep your pace going.

          The team captains have carefully picked their athletes to take on this challenge. They all have a equal chance at taking this workout. Nicole Perian, the seasoned veteran, is the favorite going in with her floating ability to execute toes to bar. Kayla Geffert, the dark horse who is really finding her stride and improving in every facet of the sport. Ellie Burgoon, the wild card! Newer to CrossFit 8 Mile but far from new to the sport and The Open. Few know her abilities but what’s worse? The known or unknown? Be sure to come tonight to see it all GO DOWN!!!!!