Ninja Recognition

Ninja Recognition: Landon Iavasile 

Why Landon

Landon has been with CrossFit 8 Mile a long time. He’s been with us since 2016!! We have watched him keep grinding and keep getting better. Proof that thousands of small consistent efforts lead to progress. Landon is committed and does all that is asked of him. He’s another example of what CrossFit 8 Mile is all about.

How Landon got started

After my college hockey career was over I knew I needed something to keep me in shape that was also challenging and competitive. I heard about CrossFit from another teammate and after I tried it once I was hooked. As for 8 Mile I contacted Nick when I moved back from school in 2016. After my first class I knew this was the gym for me. 

Why do you continue to do CrossFit

Because of everyone at 8 Mile. The coaches and the members, everyone is great! 8 Mile has become my second home and when I’ve had a bad day it feels great to take it out on the barbell. 

Favorite movements

Heavy cleans, pull ups, and sometimes running (I can’t believe I admitted to liking running) 

Least favorite movements

Snatches and OHS…. but I’m getting better lol. 


To continue to improve and push myself past my comfort zone and to get better at the things I’m not good at (OHS, snatches, HSPU, DUs) oh and maybe compete in my very first weightlifting meet.