Ninja Recognition

Mario Martin

Why Mario?

To many, the athletes that stand out are those throwing around heavy weights and performing Instagram worthy gymnastic tricks. But to those of us at CrossFit 8 mile, a stand out athlete is one who not only gives his all in workouts but also encourages others to reach their best potential, too. 

We’d like to give a special ninja recognition to an athlete whose positive attitude in the gym deserves to be noticed. Mario joined 8 mile with a humble, coachable attitude. Seeking out ways to improve some of his weaknesses, he also recently joined barbell club. Since attending barbell, his technique has improved greatly in both the snatch and clean and jerk.

If you’ve ever taken a class with Mario, you’ve no doubt experienced his drive to become better and his upbeat encouragement to others. Let’s give back the positive vibes Mario puts out and congratulate him next time you see him in the gym. 

Keep crushing it, Mario! 

Mario’s Story:

I was always that kid in school who didn’t play sports or made sure to skip gym because I felt the other kids would judge me. This didn’t change much right after high school when I joined a gym and was always scared of going near the “cages,” and so mostly stuck to cardio. I then started to gain some more confidence and lifting weights. This brought me to CrossFit, CrossFit 8 Mile to be more specific, back in 2017. I did it for a few months and learned a ton from the coaches. This only lasted a few months, as I switched jobs and distance became a factor. I continued to gym regularly after and would do my own WODs using the skills I had learned over those next two years. I knew I was not improving or pushing my limits, and got very comfortable. Decided to message Nick early this year and come back to CrossFit, who started my fitness journey and see how much more I can learn and grow.

I remember walking into class one day and being told by the coach, “grab this weight (much heavier than I was use to), if you are getting faster, it’s time to move up.” The coaches and members become your friends and family, that always want you to improve, even when you don’t realize it yourself. I consider myself a competitive person in everything I do in life, and who better to compete with than people who are often also improving and challenging themselves in a safe and accepting manner. The coaches are always there to give you tips and tricks, while the members make it easier to show up. 

Favorite Movement:

 Almost all body weight exercises and rowing.

Least Favorite Movement:

Running and Front Squats 


Continue to improve on my technique in order to get stronger and faster in a safe manner. Double unders and muscle ups at some point would be nice too!