HSA/FSA-eligible with Truemed

CrossFit Open 22.3

“The Final Countdown”

Now looking at the numbers from the last two weeks, it make look like NWA is the second coming of “The Monstars”.

But with the final week of the Open is always great for a twist. I’m sure Captain Jen has been passing around a bottle of “Fraser’s secret stuff” to help motivate her team.……I fully expect a rally from Coach’s Favorite as they send out Mark Juco to take on Jon Gray!!

On the scaled stage we have Jess Cassar from NWA and last weeks top scale score to face off against CF’s Rob Holliday!

22.3 Theme is tie-dye, neon and rainbows!Our final week is sponsored by My Little Needle Tattoo Shop and Born Primitive Apparel. Come for some giveaways!

This is the final week! Show up to Friday Night Lights and Make some noise and support your team!