CrossFit Open 19.3

CrossFit Open 19.3

“Strict Is King”

Who Will Be Crowned?????

Nineteen point three for the 99% is a handstand push up workout. For even more it’s a race for the tie-break of step ups. This weeks 3 team representatives will all undoubtedly get to handstand push ups. Something they’d routinely knock out. But in Open tradition, there’s a twist. STRICT! You’ve heard preached at CrossFit 8 Mile that strict is king in gymnastic movements, welp, now it’s the standard.

Many will struggle and be ecstatic to get one! Our three athletes going head to head will definitely put on a show while upside down. Jamie “TurtleShell” Justin salivates at the sight of lunges and step ups. Ron “Put Me In” Perian lives for competition. Casey “I’m Not Meant to Be Upside Down” Rogowski has conquered many feats of strength and tonight will be no different.

At 3.2.1 GO tonight will be off to the races but it’ll all be about those strict handstand push ups. May your body be light, and shoulders be strong, for tonight strict is king.