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Ninja Recognition: Kristie Cruse

Why Kristie:

Kristie has been flying under the radar (or at least trying to). For a good while, Kristie has been very consistent in her attendance at the gym and really pushing herself to get better. She not only has been doing class regularly but has been doing extra accessory work at home as well! And to top it off, what really has made the most impact is she has also been dialed in with her nutrition and recently lost almost 20 lbs! Her hard work and effort has certainly not gone unnoticed. Consistency is what gets results and Kristie has definitely shown that!

Your CrossFit Story: 

My crossfit journey began when the personal trainer at planet fitness got tired of me asking him for help on the workouts I would cut out of Men’s Health magazines. I had a lot of questions. He said there was a crossfit gym opening up in Livonia. I had never heard of crossfit before. So I decided to check it out . 

My first workout was a 5 x 800 meter run . Round 3 I was ready to quit. Nick came up and ” encouraged” me to finish the workout . He said he was a firefighter and if he was in an emergency he wouldn’t be able to just quit . A little different than my situation but I got the point . So I finished and decided then I was never going back …. til Wednesday. 

Some of my favorite movements to brag about are thrusters , wall balls and sled pushes. Most of the strangers I talk to about it just say, WOW! Some of the movements I tend to talk down about are rope climbs because I’m short and heights are scary and long runs . Why run when I have a bike and a car! 

Why you continue to do CrossFit:

I continue to come to 8 mile crossfit because I like the people and the workouts . But I really come so I can tell strangers that I do crossfit . I also tell them what workout I did that day and how sore I am . 

Favorite Movements:  Thrusters, Wall Balls, Sled Pushes

Least Favorite Movements: Rope Climbs and Running


My goals are to get as much information from the coaches prior to the wod so I know what to focus on (also strangers may need to know that info too.) Also, showing up consistently even though I will suck at the workout and I may pee or poop (only once) my pants (jk not really), it happens. And lastly, give my best effort (my word of the year) for just that day. Also, strangers will have something to ponder for the rest of the day .