CrossFit 8 Mile | WOD 5/18/20
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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WOD 5/18/20

17 May WOD 5/18/20

Warm Up:

:15 JJ

:15 Jump Sqts

:15 push Ups

:15 flutter kicks


No Equipment:

3 rounds, 1 min/ station, for reps:

Shoulder Taps

Sumo Squats

Jumping Lunges

Home Object CL


Rest 1 min

Limited Equipment:

3 rounds, 1 min/ station, for reps:

DB Renegade Row,

DBl Sumo Deadlift High-pull

DB  Front Rack Lunge

DB  Hang Power Clean

DB Facing Burpee

Rest 1 min


5×5 Press/PP/Push Jerk

5×3 HSPUs with a :03 pause at the top after each rep

Endurance: Pick One

E2M x6

25/20 Cal Row

Run 200m

Midline: x6

:20 Hollow Hold

:10 Hollow Rock

:30 Rest