CrossFit 8 Mile | Athlete of the Month: Almarose Moore
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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Athlete of the Month: Almarose Moore

04 Aug Athlete of the Month: Almarose Moore

August Athlete of the Month

Almarose Moore


Why Almarose?

Almarose is what her name says. She’s like a rose. At first green and closed. Overtime as you show it some love it blossoms into a beautfil flower that people admire and cherish. Almarose came from a women’s only gym that was not as high intesity and diverse as ours. That didn’t discourage her, she came and soaked everything up. She began to gain confidence not only in the movements but herself! (which is the most imporatant part). Now enterying month 12 with CrossFit 8 Mile, there isn’t anything Almarose won’t try her hand at. My favorite is when she didn’t bat an eye when “Over/Unders on the Yoke” were programmed. Almarose is a spice of life with overhelming humility. We need more like Almarose.


Almarose’s Story

My journey began when I was around 50 years old. I woke up one day, looked at myself and screamed (not out loud), YOU ARE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION (bleep)!!! So I began walking Belle Isle on Saturday mornings and dancing (now my 2nd most favorite thing to do) every chance I could. Shortly after, I was introduced to strength training and I FELL IN LOVE. Something about lifting weights captured me and that is ALL I wanted to do. I was never active to that extent my entire life. I did play basketball in High School, but that was over 40 years ago (I just attended by 40th Class Reunion). Yay Me!


I came to CrossFit 8 Mile after seeing a review on Facebook by an athlete that I have great respect for. The review came at the perfect time because I’d just relocated and needed to find another gym to keep the momentum I’d built. I didn’t know anything about crossfit. Other than some athletes made fun of the word “WOD”. I walked in and met Jaime. Need I say anything more?! The entire Coaching Staff is Amazing. They are so different. However, their one common denominator is helping us all to be successful and challenge ourselves. CrossFit 8 Mile provides an environment where I am challenged, motivated, and encouraged to step out of my comfort zone by ALL. I’ve run my first mile! I never thought I would be able to do that. Anything that I have apprehension about, I try because I hear a voice say “Oh don’t worry about it. You can do that. No problem.” Or, I hear “Come on Almarose! You got this!” And it’s not my voice. It is everyone else’s there believing in me.



What motivates me to continue my fitness journey is my awareness of how special and delicate our health is. I wish to inspire my family to live healthfully and to go after their dreams and aspirations. What motivates me to keep coming back to 8 Mile (other than the Coaches and all the Ninjas), is the darn playlists! Music motivates me to move and seeing progress in myself inspires me to continue.



I have set a goal to be able to do a strict pull up with no assistance; and I hope to one day compete in a strongman competition. I know these are attainable because CrossFit 8 mile has become my 2nd home.