WOD 4/2/20

Warm Up

:15 No push up burpee

:15 Reaching Spiderman

:15 High Knees

:15 ASQ


No Equipment:

800m Run

100m Farmers Walk/Odd object carry

40 Burpees over an object

40 V-Ups

100m Farmers Walk/Odd object

80 Chair step ups

100m Farmers Walk/Odd object

800m Run


Limited Equipment:

100m Farmers Walk

80 Calories

40 Plate Burpee to OH

100m  Farmers walk

40 T2B/V-Ups

80 Step Ups

100m Farmer Walk



4×10 Bench/Floor/Strict Press

5×3 High Hang Power Clean

Endurance:Pick one

5k Run

7k Row

10k Bike (6.2 mi)


Max Effort L/Tuck Sits x1

Then 4 sets of half the max time established