HSA/FSA-eligible with Truemed

WOD 3/21/20

Warm Up

Old Man

2min Couch Stretch/leg

10 Leg Swings R/L +In/Out

10 Tempo ASQ

10 Modified Pistols

Option 1: No equipment

400m run

50 Lunges

25 Jump Squats

200m Run

40 Lunges

20 Jump Squats

200m Run

30 Lunges

15 Jump Squats

400m Run


Opt 2: Limited Equipment

40 Lunges w/DBL DBs 

20 Goblet Sqts w/1DB

30 Lunges w/DBL DBs 

15 Goblet Sqts w/1DB

20 Lunges w/DBL DBs

10 Goblet Sqts w/1DB



100 Glute Bridges w/DB across lap…then..

100 Biceps (light weight, 30ish reps at a time)


3:00/1:00 x5 of


Option 3 Strength: Barbells or Dumbbells

2×20 BSQ @45%


12 Front Rack Reverse Lunge

Midline: x1/side

Side Bends

-Band  or DB/KB

*if No equipment

1:00 Side Plank each side