Ninja Recognition

Jeff Krishak

Why Jeff?

Since day 1 Jeff has been coachable and has sought out constant improvement. Jeff picked some things up right away and other he didn’t He never became discouraged or angry (maybe frustrated) in what he couldn’t do yet. He saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to get better!

He understands that things don’t happen over night. He trusts the process and keeps putting in the work day in and day out.

He’s confident, humble, coachable. A prime example of what CrossFit 8 Mile is all about.

 Jeff’s CrossFit Story:

I moved to Detroit from Pennsylvania in 2014, a bit overweight from big ten college consumption of cheap beer and tailgate food. It was the first time I ventured away from family and friends to live eight hours from my closest relative. After moving, I set off with three goals in mind:

1) Don’t fail at your first professional opportunity

2) Establish a strong network of friends

3) Lose the freshman 15 (or 30 but who’s counting?)

In the first couple years, I found success and progress in goals one and two but struggled to make time for fitness and nutrition. It was consistently the thing I would get to “tomorrow”. After feeling like a slob for a bit longer, I realized it was time to get my ass in gear.

I programmed and began my own, very amateur powerlifting plan and continued this for about 2.5 years. The weight I carried from college quickly disappeared, and I found a love for fitness again. But after all of that time focusing on only three lifts and working out by myself, I missed the competitiveness and camaraderie that I felt while playing sports as a kid. And then I found CrossFit 8 Mile.

·  Why he continue to do CrossFit

I told all of my friends and family before I joined CrossFit that I would never become that typical, fanatical CrossFitter with all the gear, gear for my gear, and the constant reminder that CF is the panacea for all life’s problems, but, boy, was I wrong. I’ve fallen in love with high energy workouts and knowing there is always someone pushing you to be the best version of yourself. Joining the gym came at a time when Nina and I first moved in together from a long-distance relationship. It brought us closer together through arguments about double-under form, celebrations of new PRs, playing nurse to ripped hands, and so much more. Most importantly, though, the gym provided the two of us with a close-knit community of passionate people that we wouldn’t have had access to as non-Michiganders. I feel incredibly lucky to have found an addiction that has added so much positivity to my life.

·  Favorite movements

Anything with a barbell, body weight exercises, and running.

·  Least favorite movements

Double unders don’t belong in CrossFit.

·  Goals

I’m committed to using my own growth as a barometer for success. It’s easy for me to get overly-competitive and track every day’s workout results online. This means I’ll be focusing on adding weight to my lifts, stringing together muscle-ups, improving my handstand push-ups, and finally conquering double-unders – all things that are measurable and quantifiable in terms of my own output. I’d also like to expand my knowledge base on proper technique so I’ll be attending the USAW Level 1 coaching course in April to dive deep into Olympic lifts and looking for additional opportunities in the future.    

Jeff Krishak