Ninja Recognition

Ninja Recognition

Jensen Farmer

Why Jensen?

She works hard in the gym and out, just like all our members. Jensen is driven and unrelenting. Though she hasn’t been doing CrossFit or been at 8 Mile long, she respects the process. That in itself isn’t as common as it should be. She accepts where she is at, but knows and is willing to do more to achieve her goals. 

She shows up every day to train, does the extra credit and seeks out coaching to improve her weaknesses and current pursuits. Her faith in herself, coaches, and gym help her accelerate towards her goals. The proof was shown in her first CrossFit Open placing 5th out of 53 women at CrossFit 8 Mile!

Jensen’s Story:

     My journey of health and wellness over the years is hard to put into words. It has been more of an internal battle of worthiness and self love that didn’t really start to blossom until after I had my daughter 3 and a half years ago. I set out to prove that even after having kids, I could still reach my fitness goals. I started learning more about nutrition so that it would be easier to stick to a healthier diet. I have belonged to many different gyms. I started CrossFit at a different gym while pregnant with my son but none of that really “did it” for me. I started at 8 Mile in May, 2019. The community here is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I’m hooked. I love the friendly competition which constantly pushes me to pursue new goals.

Why Jensen Continues CrossFit:

     I now strive to be the best version of myself with my children being my motivation. I know that if I want to raise confident and happy kids then it needs to start with myself. I am so blessed to have been introduced to something that has helped lay the foundation for our future.

Favorite Movements: Deadlift and anything abs

Least Favorite Movements: Running and skiing

Goals:  I would like to RX more technical movements like ring muscle ups and heavier snatches and improve movements I already have all while avoiding injury.