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Ninja Recognition

Elena Manor!

Why Elena?

Elena has been the epitome of consistent. She has continued to show up without falter for over 53 weeks! She has trusted the process and patiently progressed through movements and load. She is never afraid to ask how she can be better at something or how to modify the workout to best suit her current fitness level. Not to mention, she is one of the most kind, most genuine individuals at CrossFit 8 Mile!

Elena’s Story: 

My CrossFit journey began when Nick first opened the gym, however I was never consistent about it. I always found an excuse not to go back, and along the way I tried a variety of gyms. Fast forward many years and a daughter later, and I realized that I can’t continue with the inconsistency in my fitness. With my husband’s encouragement, I gave crossfit another try, but this time made myself truly give it a good shot. The beginning was really challenging, but I soon found myself addicted to the workouts and the community. 

“Why I continue to CrossFit”

I have had to break through many mental barriers along the way, but I found that each time it gets better and easier to keep staying motivated. I have been keeping track of my lifts, and seeing how much stronger I’ve become through this process has also helped me keep going. I love that I get pushed outside my comfort zone during the workouts, but also know that the coaches are always eager to help and give the personalized attention when needed. The 8Mile community is like family, so coming to the gym is just part of my routine now. 

Favorite Movements:

deadlifts, front and back squats, rowing, jump rope

Least Favorite Movements:

Wall balls & Air Bike


My goal is to keep getting stronger and keep up the consistency. I also want to be a good example for my daughter in what you can achieve with personal fitness.