Ninja Recognition

Claire Beckett!

Why Claire?

Claire is a prime example of what we hope for in members and athletes. She is super consistent in attendance and effort. Though she wants to take the world be storm and is a motivated person, Claire takes the proper steps to progress and isn’t in a rush. She trusts in the process and challenges herself gradually. Claire has just passed her ONE YEAR CrossFit 8 Mile Anniversary! During that time she has only improved in every aspect.

Genuine hard work over a sustained period of time is worth praise and recognition. For that reason Claire Beckett is our Ninja Recognition of the moment.

Claire’s Story:

I started CrossFit because, after finishing with college sports, I wanted to find a type of workout that was completely different from swimming — but I still wanted a team atmosphere and something that really challenged me. CrossFit was definitely outside of my comfort zone and looked like a great way to push myself while being in a supportive environment where I wouldn’t feel the need to be too competitive with others.  

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit allows me to challenge myself to do something new every single day. Whether it’s a brand-new movement, or just an incremental change in technique, each workout provides opportunities to improve!

What Keeps Her Going:

I keep doing it because I love the community! Even though there aren’t as many people at 5am, it feels like a close-knit and supportive group. Also, I really appreciate the attentive coaching. I feel like everyone having a solid technical foundation is a priority here — which feels like how CrossFit is supposed to be done.