CrossFit Open 19.5

The CrossFit Open 19.5

“The Captain’s Cup”

In the 9th year of the Open there has always been thrusters in the final workout. Never has Dave Castro introduced a new movement on the final week. In all 9 Open’s we’ve been asked to perform chest to bar pull up. Last night, when the workout was announced I don’t think anyone was shocked. Maybe a little let down because it was exactly what we expected.

But was it? The final Open workouts typically mimic the classic benchmark of “Fran”. It’s the Open so they step it up a notch, taking it from pull ups to chest to bar and then 45 reps to somewhere around 75. But come on y’all it’s 2019, it’s time for 105 reps of each!! As much as heavier, or dumbbells, or maybe ring muscle ups would have been sexier, it would not have been as much of a test for work capacity. The CrossFit Open is the search for the Fittest on Earth. This will be painful and with a 20min time cap, NOBODY is escaping that.

The final week of the open brings movements and discomfort that we all know. It also brings our captains to the forefront. Time for them to lead from the front and be on the big stage of Friday Night Lights. Now they’re all admittedly not at their pinnacle CrossFit shape but they have rivalry that fuels their fire. They all have a strength in this workout and it’s really anyone’s game. It’ll come down to heart and desire. Who’s willing to bleed team colors and drink from the Captain’s Cup? Nick “Pack Leader” Carignan, Mark “Sugar” Juco, or Magan “ MegaQuad” Mourad?? Show up to find out!!!!

Come tonight for our FINAL SHOWDOWN!!! Approximately 8pm!