CrossFit Open 19.4

“Muscle Up Melee”

The fourth workout in the 2019 CrossFit Open brings us a new twist a format then ever before. Two couplets done with a required rest period in between. That rest will help the jack-rabbit athletes out there recover a little bit. Though it can be misleading. An athlete could go so hard on the snatches and burpees to be too exhausted leaving them unrecovered for a hard higher level gymnastic of bar muscle ups. This allows your skilled tortoises a chance. What’s the better strategy? Two seperate all out sprints? Or slow and steady wins the race?

Our Friday Night Lights Showdown brings us three athletes that are more than capable of all these movements. Not just complete these movements but fast and with some flare. Who has the upper hand? Chase “Hold My Beer” Hovious, the more experienced veteran CrossFitter? “Super Speed” Shane that always holds on to the swing for the fences mentality? Or Zach “Young-Blood” Beck who is the lighter smaller athlete of the three but less training time under his belt of his two adversaries.

The individual stands are still close and can be jumbled up with any workout. Teams are finding their groove and new named athletes are starting to get recognized, almost a passing of the guard from 2017 and 2018 into our 2019 season. No team is safe but everyone will have to fight for every point they can get with only two workouts left.

As always come out tonight for our showdown and support your team for “THE MUSCLE UP MELEE!!!”