At Home Workouts

Ninja Nation,

With this temporary shut down we will be providing you with continued programming and coaching to whatever capacity you can do.

Each day we will post 5 different tracks that you can follow with warm ups:

Warm ups

No Equipment Workouts

Limited Equipment Workouts

Endurance Workouts

Strength Training:Barbell or Dumbbells

Midline: Quick ab burners or mid-section work

In addition to posting these workouts on the website AND Beyond The White Board, we will also be providing Demo Videos for each day.

If you don’t have exactly what the workout calls for but you have some other forms of equipment or gear, please reach out to the 8 Mile staff and we can help you figure it out!

WE ARE A COMMUNITY. We keep each other safe, accountable, and motivated. Post a picture or video after each sweat session! Whether it be in the basement, living room, garage, local track, or work fitness area! Lets see it!

-CrossFit 8 Mile