HSA/FSA-eligible with Truemed

“A Walk to Remember” 21.1 Showdown!

Now this isn’t going to be a walk on clouds full of lovey-dovey romance with some trials of tribulations. But you will remember it! This will have a tragic end like most. So channel your best Mandy Moore and do this workout to your fullest as if tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!

Ok let’s be honest, no one is looking forward to wall walks. I’m especially sure the “Long” Shaun Esch is hoping his opponents’ rope breaks mid-workout. Shaun Esch will be representing Welcome to the Jungle.

            On the other hand this couplet is just what the doctor ordered! Dr. Ben Miller has written the script for this combo assumption there’s no adverse reaction to pain and misery. Ben Miller will be representing The Essential Lifters!

Now of course we’ve had to have the latina flavor represent a team named after song and dance! Anjannabet Toro will be tearing it up for Team Footloose!

This workout will be “like the wind and Jamie Sullivan’s love(pain). You can’t see it but you can feel it”. #DaveCastroIsAPrick