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Ninja Recognition: Jackie Gray

Why Jackie?

In the beginning of Jackie’s journey exercise wasn’t in her everyday routine. When Jackie first joined CrossFit 8 Mile she wasn’t one for gab. She came in (only with Jon), did the workout and left. Now she’s fully opened up and embraced all aspects of 8 Mile and is part of what makes 8 Mile.

She not only has been killing it on the scale but PRing everything as of late. She even did her first comp this past weekend!!! Jackie works hard, accepts coaching, encourages others, and keeps pushing to be better. You can even catch her dancing after she sets another personal record.

Jackie’s Story

In 2017, I was extremely unhealthy, overweight and unhappy. My friend was a coach at a CrossFit gym and finally convinced me to join. Before I knew it I was down 30 pounds and my life was changing drastically. I started feeling more positive, I quit smoking and realized I LOVE this life. Fast forward to 2019, Jon and I joined CrossFit 8 Mile and everything has been on the up since. I found a true feeling of community and family. I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world. 

  I continue to do this because A) I love feeling like a total badass very single day I show up for myself. I love how strong this short body of mine is and B) I want to continue on my healthy journey so I can live extra long with my husband! 

Favorite Movements

 DEADLIFTS! And of course back squats 

Least Favorite Movements

 we all know this answer, running 🤣


My number one goal is to just keep up the momentum. Keep showing up for myself and make a few others have fun with me along the way