CrossFit 8 Mile | Don’t Leave Anyone Out: All Macros Matter
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Don’t Leave Anyone Out: All Macros Matter

07 Sep Don’t Leave Anyone Out: All Macros Matter

All Macros Matter

Don’t Leave Any Out

Hey Ninjas!


This month I want to talk about a subject that comes up a lot in my conversations with my clients: meal plans. When someone comes to me for nutritional advice, I always ask the same questions including the big one, have you ever committed to a different meal plan & if so, what made you quit?

Most of the time the answer is because it all comes down to the plan not being realistic. I’m not saying that others plans don’t work, because they do, you will lose weight. BUT what I am saying, is most of them always require omitting one macro from your plan. Meaning no carbs, fats or proteins. What’s the problem? YOU NEED ALL THREE! Yes! All three. It comes down to the quality of macro that you choose. What you choose makes all the difference. Here’s an example with carbohydrates. People are so afraid of carbs, which have gotten a bad rap. It’s not the quality carbs that you want to omit, it’s the SUGARY carbs. What do I mean by SUGARY carbs? I mean the type of carbs that are processed, or in other words, are man made. Think donut vs oats. I tell people if it didn’t come out of the ground, the chances are, it’s not good for you.

The reason most people fail at fad meal plans is because they end up breaking down and binge eat on junk food. Why? There are a couple reasons for that. One is because they eat for emotional support. So many people use food as a crutch to deal with stress, and anxiety that take place in their everyday life. They learn that junk food taste good so it gives them a “feel good” state of mind & it takes away from the problem they are worried about. What they don’t realize is that “feel good” state goes away after the junk food is gone, leaves them with a state of depression that then adds to all the other stressors that they have going on in their life. Sound familiar? If you read my article in the past about sugar, you know the chemical warfare that goes on in your body when you eat sugar to cause this mess of self destruction. This reason can lead to a downward spiral of weight gain and depression.

My advice, address the REAL issue head on and shut it down as soon as possible. The other reason people fail at fad meal plans? They physically need all three macros in their diet. When you omit a macro you are running the risk of throwing off your hormones. Your hormones are the key to keeping your weight and energy levels intact. How do you keep hormones leveled out? By eating the right foods. The foods you eat impact your insulin levels which then in turn, impact all other hormones in your body. Fats, carbs and proteins all regulate your hormone levels. Since this is SCIENTIFICALLY true, it makes sense to eat all three. If you take one out, you are throwing your body’s chemistry off.

So my point? When picking a plan, don’t just think about how you can lose 10lbs as fast as possible, think about 1 year from now. Ask yourself the question, “can I do this for the rest of my life”? Just like gaining strength in your lifts at the gym, losing weight or gaining muscle is work. You have to put in the time and effort to make it happen.


Hope this helped!

As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments.


Over and Out,

Jamie Justin

CrossFit 8 Mile