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CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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06 Oct 2019

WOD 10/7/19

Strength/Skill work- Inversion Practice Options: Wall Walks:OTM-6min Shift & Lift:E90x4  HSPUs (deficit):5 E2Mx3 “The Waterboy” 15 Ring Rows 15 Burpees 26 Sit Ups 26 Lunges 1:30 Rest 7RFT ...

29 Sep 2019

Ninja Recognition

Dianna Moses! Why Dianna? Dianna Moses has overcome physical, emotional pain and chronic illness. She has encountered every reason why to NOT exercise, but see understands the value in it and how it’s helped overcome many adversities. Dianna is selfless in workouts. She gives you everything she’s...

27 Sep 2019

WOD 9/28/19

"Mad Max" P1: Max Reps: RKBs P2: 100m Run 7min AMRAP All:1min Sit Ups P1:MAx Reps 1-arm KB CL (53/35) P2:6 Cal Bike 7min AMRAP All:1min Sit Ups P1:50’ 1 arm Farmers Handle (115/75) P2:100m Run 7min AMRAP All:1min Sit Ups P1:Max Rep Dballs P2: 6 Cal Bike 7min AMRAP ...