CrossFit 8 Mile | WOD 10/9/20
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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WOD 10/9/20

08 Oct WOD 10/9/20

Warm Up:

Old Man warm up

1:00 Child’s pose

1:00 ….per side

10 Pull Aparts

5 Push Ups

4 V- ups



Bring Sally Up:Push Ups


500m Row

24 Lunges

24 Box Jumps

10min AMRAP

250m Row

12 Step Ups

12 Pike Shoulder Taps

8min AMRAP

*Feet on box for shoulder taps


7×3 Weighted pull ups

Crossover Symmetry