CrossFit 8 Mile | The CrossFit Open 18.3 “Battle of The Dad Bods”
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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The CrossFit Open 18.3 “Battle of The Dad Bods”

08 Mar The CrossFit Open 18.3 “Battle of The Dad Bods”

The CrossFit Open 18.3

Battle of The Dad Bods

Everyone’s knee jerk reaction….OMG SO MANY DOUBLE UNDERS!!!….but once you chew on things like an over cooked steak you realize, almost nobody will be finishing this workout. Now that we understand that nobody at CrossFit 8 Mile will be doing 800 doubles unders we can all breathe!

Tonight’s match up of 18.3 is a fairly even one. Jordan Foster has a fire in his eye whenever there’s something to compete in. He’s long, strong, a metcon junkie, and a ninja warrior hopeful. With that said, muscle ups are right up alley.

His opponent, Nick Carignan, is coming off taking 17th out of 72 and last weekend’s Arnold Classic for USAW. Overhead squats and dumbbells are well within his wheelhouse. The question is will his motor be on par with Jordans?

Jordan and Nick both work full time jobs, have kids, and extremely beautiful, supportive, understanding, and any other compliment you can think of, wives! (Brownie points) But they love to train and go hard for bettering themselves and good ole fashion bragging rights.

Let only shirts, not blood be shed on the shoulder smoking, lung burning, sweat whirlwind of 18.3!!!