CrossFit 8 Mile | Athlete of the Month: November- The Perians
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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Athlete of the Month: November- The Perians

07 Nov Athlete of the Month: November- The Perians

Why Ron and Nicole?

A Couple that WODs together stays together! Ron and Nicole examplify the kind of culture we want at 8 Mile. We want it to be family oriented and a place where couples can enrich their relationships. They both work very hard and constantly try to improve. They do so by doing extras and trying to grasp further understanding in movements and principals. Not everybody is as forturnate to share a common hobby or interest with their signifcant other. Ron and Nicole are among a select few. It helps them stay consistent and push one another in a great way. A genuine desire for the other person to succeed.


Nicole’s Story

Ron started CrossFit about 2 years before I did. He always would tell me about the workouts he was doing and I really didn’t understand it at all. I worked out but I went to a lifetime fitness and did the general treadmill and elliptical machines and really didn’t know how to lift weights. When we moved into our house in Livonia, Ron wanted to get “a few” things so that he could do some workouts at home. This turned into putting an entire gym in our garage. At that point I asked Ron to teach me some lifts and he started putting me through CrossFit workouts in our garage. I was so nervous to actually join a gym that I made Ron teach me how to clean and snatch before I even set foot in an actual CrossFit gym. I then started attending classes at CrossFit 248 with Ron and I was hooked. Time went on and we were looking for a new gym to join when we came across 8 Mile. We immediately fell in love with the atmosphere in this gym and all of the coaches. I can’t imagine now being a member anywhere else.


WODding With My Husband

I absolutely love being able to do CrossFit as a couple with Ron. It is something that we can bond over and if anything it is just another way for us to spend time together. Ron pushes me harder in a workout than any other person and he really motivates me to get to the gym everyday. I would also say that all of the members at CrossFit 8 mile motivate me as well. I love going in and seeing all the scores on the board and knowing that is what I have to shoot for when I do the workout. My strength is something that I am constantly working on and will always be a long term goal to be able to get all my lifts to higher numbers.

Ron’s Story 
I first started CrossFit because the lifestyle I was living and the path I was headed down was something I did not want to continue. One day at work I had a revelation. I had walked up 3 flights of stairs and was huffing and puffing like I had just run a marathon. I realized that being a firefighter this was not appropriate. When people don’t know what else to do they call me to fix their problem or help them in the some of the worst days of their life. I was 250 pounds, exhausted, and I felt absolutely pathetic. Later that night while flipping through the channels, I came across the 2014 Crossfit Games and I thought it looked fun. I did have the normal doubts most people do. I couldn’t do a pull up, there was no way I could come close to a muscle up, and walking on my hands seemed ridiculous at the time. Coincidentally, the following day at work, one of the guys on my shift had recently joined 248 and convinced me to shortly after.  I was hooked ever since.

Ron’s Goals
My short term goals are to break the cycle. My mom and dad are both severely overweight and I don’t want to follow in their footsteps. I want to live an active lifestyle and be an active dad should that time come (hopefully not). I want to focus on moving better and continuing the development of my gymnastics skills. I would also like to drop about 20 more pounds and maintain that weight. I would like to be able to compete locally and I really enjoy competing on a team. I also want to focus on finding and truly understanding the difference between training and competing. Playing sports competitively my whole life sometimes I can get caught up in the scores on the board and not focussing on myself. The more I am around Nick and Jamie the better I understand this concept. You have to worry about YOU and making yourself better, nobody else’s scores matter.

Why 8 Mile?
I would consider myself fairly well traveled and I can honestly say 8 Mile feels like home. Why I can be gone for 2 weeks diving somewhere in the Caribbean, I really don’t miss home, I certainly don’t miss work, I can tolerate being away from my family, but what I truly miss is training at the gym. I can’t say enough about Nick and his dedication to making the gym the best it can be.  I would estimate I have dropped into around 40 gyms and have yet to find a gym like 8 Mile. The coaching staff is second to none, new equipment is always being purchased, and the overall performance of the members is better than most. My favorite part of most days is coming to train at 8 Mile and I want to thank every member and coach for continuing to make it an awesome experience.