CrossFit 8 Mile | WOD 10/5/17
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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WOD 10/5/17

04 Oct WOD 10/5/17


“Triple Beam Balance”

15 Min AMRAP of:


50′ High Handle Sled Push (235/175)

50′ Low Handle Sled Push (235/175)

20 Partner Wall Balls (30/20)

10 Hi5 Burpees

5 Synchro T2B

*wall balls- one partner throws, one catches, squats and throws & repeat…

*sled push- both partners have one handle….

*Hi5 burpees- give Hi5 at the bottom and jump up

Coach’s Notes

T2B: Toes to Bar


Working together for a common goal! 😉