CrossFit 8 Mile | AOM-September
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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07 Sep AOM-September

September Athlete of the Month

Jake Ahn

Why Jake?

Everyone remembers the story of the tortoise and the hare right? Well if you combine the mentalities of both those characters you’d get Jake. Jake is humble, but fast. He is quiet, but strong. He is unassuming but quintessential. Jake has been with us for over a year and constantly is improving and a prime example of what we are going for in every athlete.


Jake’s Story:

I never have ever done any heavy lifting in my life before CrossFit 8 Mile. I played soccer, ran track, and little bit of wrestling in high school. Those sports never made me strong. I work at a restaurant where Coach Josh is working and he introduced me to CrossFit 8 Mile. At first, I just ignored that offer because I was just fine as I was. Surely, I was skinny but it did not hurt my way of living. However, at some point, while working at the restaurant, I found myself having a hard time opening up a bottle of wine and serving heavy plates, even shaking. I thought this would be bad if I keep up like this and not change. But the main reason why I started was that I was curious if I can really get strong. Since in high school, my weight never went higher than 130 pounds and my only wish was to get confidence in myself. I’ve always lacked courage due to the way I look like, which is weak. While Josh was still pushing me to join CrossFit, I gave myself a first courage and accepted the offer. Yes, as I imagined, my first day at CrossFit was horrific. I couldn’t even do a dead-lift with a single 45 pound bar, I was lacking at everything! But this is what it motivated me. I was really powerless, after experiencing that, I was able to face the reality. I had to change. I had to get strong. I couldn’t just stop here, if I did, it’s a defeat, same as putting dirt on my face with my own hands.

What Inspires Jake:

Everyone who works out at CrossFit 8 Mile inspires me. They try and accomplish their goals. There are many strong people out there. For them, lifting weights may seem really heavy and crazy on my aspects, but it is basically the same thing what I’m working out for. They will be pushing themselves to their max limit and I will be doing the same. The weights may look different but I know we are working out our limits and get better. This inspired me to keep going. Another way that 8 Mile changed me was my daily life that I was able to live like a proper healthy person would do. Before CrossFit 8 Mile, my schedule was a real mess. I would sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning and wake up at 2 after noon with no circumstances. My morning used to be deserted, but after attending 8 Mile 9:30 AM classes constantly, I was able to maintain healthy daily life back with full of energy.


Lastly, I think it’s been a year that I’ve been attending 8 Mile CrossFit, I do feel that I’ve gotten very strong compare to the first day, but my weight is still at 125 pounds (I lost more weights since the first day). My goal would be just eat well and get bigger. Nothing too ambitious for my own sake but will surely work it out little by little. Keep it up 8 Milers!