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13 Jun Negativity


Nothing Good Comes From It

A negative thought is like a carelessly lit match in a dry forest. One of two things can happen. One, it’s immediately snuffed out and no damage is caused. Or two, let it go, even just a little bit and it can put hundreds of acres of land a blaze. Leaving a trail of damage and dismay, and possibly irreversable loss.

A negative thought can be eliminated as fast as it comes up. It can be combated with positive thoughts. It can be compared to a worst scenario, making it look not so bad. It can be ignored by distractions. It can be reasoned by nervousness or pressure.

A fire doubles in size every :30 seconds if fuel is present. It’s the easiest thing in the world to dwell on the bad things in life. “We don’t have enough money. I’m not in the shape I want to be. I hate my job. My boss is too hard on me.” Blah, blah blah. STOP IT! We all have so much to be happy for! People spend more time on what they don’t have vs what they do have. For some it comes natural to find the silver lining. For others it takes a consious mental switch to be positive.

Top athletes, CEOs, military officers, successful entrepentuers, and any person who is among the top of their field have something in common with those at the bottom of their field. They have doubt. They have negative thoughts. The profound difference is they don’t entertain them. They push them out of their mind. They look for solutions. They keep grinding. They have a belief in the bigger picture. Their posititve belief is stronger then the negative thoughts.

Be postive. Realize that YOU’RE OK! As much as negativity is contagious and effects those around you, so does postivity. A smile can change somebody’s mood. A compliment can lift up someone’s day. They feel better, you feel better. Every one is more of a joy to be around. Don’t let negativity live your life! Lastly, SMILE.


-Nick Carignan

CrossFit 8 Mile