CrossFit 8 Mile | You can’t judge a masterpiece from one brush stroke
CrossFit 8 Mile is a Livonia MI gym that offers classes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and more...
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You can’t judge a masterpiece from one brush stroke

23 Feb You can’t judge a masterpiece from one brush stroke

“You Can’t See the Masterpiece from One Brush Stroke”

By Nick Carignan


There are so many gyms and so many programs on social media where everything “looks the best”. People can easily get caught up in what this person is doing, another person’s gains becau    se they did this, or think “I need to do more”.

Without a doubt there are great programs out there, great tricks, drills, and stand alone workouts. However, what people don’t see is the grand scheme of what Athlete X or Program Z is doing. One can’t judge a painting from one brush stroke. All programs, of any quality, are designed with the end in mind. What are the goals? Once goals are establsihed, programming can be figured out the best ways to achieve said goals.

In an era of instant gratification, people want the results now. They don’t realize what they see on social media are the results of hours and hours, upon days of weeks and years of hard work. In order to achieve physcial adaptations it takes, not only hard work, but more importantly- time. The coach and program you are working with has a plan. There is a rhyme and reason as to why you are or aren’t doing what you are doing. . It’s easy to get distracted with thoughts of “I have to do this” or just get bored with workouts. Stay the course, your coach and programmer have your goals in mind.

People are able (and encouraged) to branch off to work on specific weakness and improve on certain pitfalls within the parameter of the general program. Want an even better idea? Consult your coach! Have that goat work coinside with the grand scheme. It can optimize the progress, and save overuse and fatigue injuries or avoid nagging ailments overall.

Picasso and Van Gogh were different and crazy….one later was proven crazy, none the less! One brush stroke at a time, one ounce of paint after another turned into masterpieces. They’ve created beautiful works of art that are admired by many. They didn’t look over the shoulder of the next artist. They focused on their canvas and what they were trying to create. In their minds they could already see this beautiful image. Over time and many brush strokes everything came together. As athletes we need to see our journey in fitness or competition the same way. Stay the course, trust your coach, and embrace whatever they put in front of you.


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